domenica 2 dicembre 2007

Removing the training wheels...

This excercise was a lot of fun..Start off with a copy of a 4 page action sequence and then slowly move away from the original story until you added a bit of your own. In this case I took a look at Marvel's Shanna the She Devil by Frank Cho and COPIED the first page you see below..Apologies to Cho. The second page is meant to have the same number of panels, same actions within each panel, but changing the camera angles (very difficult to do when you have something in front of you as incredible as what Cho did). Also the Layout could be changed. Page three was only supposed to retain the basic jist of the original page's plot (the T-rex presumably bites it) but could be changed any way we wanted to. And fnially page 4 was a free-for-all-do-whatever-you-want page, so long as it continued the story from the previous pages.

These scans show some mistakes that I have already corrected..for example the last panel on page 3, I fixed the bottom view of the mons pubis to be more..."girl-like"
Like I said, I had a lot of fun doing these so I hope you like them!

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Tristan Vick ha detto...

These pages are great reconstructions! The final establishing shot of the Nazi bases jungle exterior is very nice. Something the original book neglected -the exterior shots of the temple/base.

Good work!