sabato 14 luglio 2007

A bridge to ashes.

someone once said: Love is war...I would like to add that, in retrospect, I should have fought harder...
This six-page comic was my attempt at a sober metaphor for the ending of a romantic is full of symbolism and is very relevant to my life. the use of heavy blacks is meant to darken the mood, and create that sense of balance (yin and yang) that we all strive for but can't hardly ever achieve...

Beware the Mayan women!

A short 2-page comic set in mayan times (they're all the rage now)...had a lot of fun doing this, particularly inventing the mayan language...can you guys tell what they're saying?

Disregard the text!!!!

This two-page comic was an excercise in photo-reference. I had to create a sequentially viable story based only on photos found in print or on the web. Most of these pictures were found online, and some were collaged together for the sake of the story..which is pretty weak, but hey...YOU try it ^_^

To everyone who's not reading this:

Hello...It's hard enough for me to write anything, let alone something that might eventually be read by someone else...but the Deus Ex Bloggus demands it and I cannot but comply.

Welcome to my Blog...I will, from time to time, upload images of my work to share with the world...even though the world doesn't really care ^_^ .

Well, once again, welcome to my little slice of heaven. I hope you enjoy your visit.