domenica 29 marzo 2009

Johnny boy...

Just some more John Constantine character studies. Im having way too much fun inking with brushes.

venerdì 20 marzo 2009


Just threw together a John Constantine illustration to practice my black spotting and brush-inking skills.
Not much else to say other than enjoy....

venerdì 13 marzo 2009

X-MEN pages...from my sister's couch :S

These are two X-MEN pages I did based on the Uncanny X-Men 500 script. They are unrelated to each other in that they are not both part of the same sequence. It's just a dialogue page and an Action page.
Im not entirely satisfied with them, but in my defense I drew them mostly sitting on my sister's couch with no real table to work on. 3 point perspective can be tricky even under better conditions. At any rate here they are. Enjoy.