martedì 16 dicembre 2008

The song of Jiao-Long

Yet another piece of concept art. This time it is of the Chinese emperor's pet velociraptor, mistakenly believed to be a dragon, and named Jiao-Long. It was said that the emperor would consult Jiao-Long on matters concerning the state, and the "dragon's" response would come in the form of a bellowing cry. The key to determining it's meaning was closely related to the time of day at which Jiao-Long decided to sing. The hour of the dragon was the most auspicious time, the hour of the Rooster however, forbode bad tidings.
Seen here with one of "The Eight Dragon Masters", personal guards and handlers assigned by the emperor himslef, Jiao-Long wails to the valley below.

The image was done in Photoshop, start to finish. I only did grayscaling due to my other commitments having precedence time wise, but I think it came out nicely. Ill color it one day when I have the time.

Ask not for whom Jiao-Long sings....He sings for you.

lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

Goblin Big Boss

I saw this topic over at C.A. and couldn't resist having a go at it. It's supposed to be the big bad-guy from a goblin gun-slinger I came up with this guy: armed with two 16-gauge automatic pistols that are belt-fed from twin 100-round drums mounted on a harness. The harness also has a back part which acts like a pistol magazine, but instead of single bullets it dispences fresh 100-round drums. When the Goblin Big Boss runs out of ammo from the current drums, he pulls them off, reaches back and grabs two more over his shoulders from the loader and clips them to the front of his harness feeding the belts into his guns to continue firing.
Here's the pic..I went analog on this cuz I knew if I started a digital painting it would have taken me a lot longer to do, and Im busy...very busy with other projects...but all work and no play makes Claudio a dull boy......ergo... :D
See y'all later.

domenica 16 novembre 2008

Here, take my card...

So here it is, finally finished, my business card. Or one of them anyways ^_^ The action sequence has no particular meaning, it's pretty straight forward so I wont bother going into it :)
I did the whole thing on Photoshop and I hope to bring it to the printer's tomorrow! :D
My info will go in the white smoke area that the girl is blowing out on the "front" of the card which I had posted a while back..I just added the blood trickle to tie it in to the story.
Hope ya likes!

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008


Ok so I've been away for a spell (pun intended) but now Im back to ye olde drawing borad and here are, not one, but TWO new GALLERY sections!!! Excited? no? well nuts to you!!! Anyhow here's a little b/w illo to celebrate old hallow's eve.
Trick or treat?!?

venerdì 25 luglio 2008

Whatchoo lookin' at G?!?

Here's a concept design painting of a "Herbivoric Dragon". The idea is from the DSG of the CA boards. It took me a bit of time to do this (in photoshop) but it's because I learned something with every "brush" stroke. I hope to get a few of these creatures together and open a new section of my art gallery.
Concept design is more about creativity than skill, but obviously those with high skill get the job done faster, and better :P I hope to improve both on speed and ability, but in the mean time all you get is this pic.
The idea is that this dragon evolved as a herbivorous creature. So I took away it's talons and gave him hooves, also he has no sharp teeth and has a soft set of lips with whcih to strip folliage from shrubbery and trees. His wings no longer help him fly, as everything he needs grows on the ground. his eyes are not set in the front as a predator's are, but rather far apart to keep an open eye on his surroundings. Blah blah blah...anyhow I hope you like it XD

giovedì 12 giugno 2008

A little Dab of Color...

Here's another attempt at coloring another one of my pages...I like desaturated colors..what can I say, and Im trying to make them work. What I love is the contrast between the atmospheric tones with the saturated and bright colors of the FX/SFX since it lets them pop out while maintaining some sort of chromatic coherence...ooooOOOOoooh fancy 25cent terminology XD

mercoledì 4 giugno 2008

Girls with guns...

So, I skipped ahead a bit in the story line to work on an action sequence...Didn't bother posting the pencils again, but I think you get the idea that usually I ink right over the lines i put down originally...So there shouldn't be much difference..Anyhow here it is..not much more to say...^_^

Update: Here's the colored version...didnt want to do a new post for every step of the process so here it is...Im happy with the result, tho it could always be better...enjoy! ^_^

giovedì 8 maggio 2008

2 More and Switch Gears...

Two more pages from the story I am working on. I skipped putting the pencils online because it seemed pointless. About "switching gears", I am hoping to change the style of the comic so Im going to continue to work on the same story but trying a few new things..really I just want to spot balcks into it. In the meantime I may color a couple of these pages and post the results..thanks for visitng.
Ejoy ^_^

sabato 3 maggio 2008

3 by 3 Inks...

Here are the inked versions of the pages below..Soon I will post the next 3 penciled pages which are just sitting there on my far as these are concerned, Im not happy at all with how they came out..I went for a linea-chiara for digital color, but for right now, Im not too happy...lesson learned! hope you like them more than I do, and if not...well, join the club.

lunedì 21 aprile 2008

The art of presentation...I hope.

Here are some designs for my business card..I haven't put the text on them yet, but you get the idea. I drew them directly in Photoshop and had a grand olde time doing it...very simple, I know, but I trying to come up with a narrative image, this is what I got -_- ...might try a web comic in this style...nothing else to say, hope you like 'em.

venerdì 11 aprile 2008

Skeletons in the...cyber-closet! here are the first three pages of my current project. It's slow going as Im trying to work out a lot of issues regarding how much detail to include and omit. So far, I think Im not doing a very good job at discriminating, but life's a learning process. Now, I still have to make corrections on these pages, but Ill post the pencils as they are, and I will then post the inks with the corrections, then you all can see the if you care =_=... Ok, here goes...hope you like them.

mercoledì 26 marzo 2008

Chicken Legs...

So over at Digital webbing they have these great contests to re-imagine current comic book characters....this week it's the Falcon's turn. I dont know what possessed me to do it, but I had to participate. Here's my re-imaging of the Falcon Aztech (tech for technology...Im teh sm4rt) version with chicken legs!! XD
Hope this buys me some time on the know what Im talking about...

venerdì 14 marzo 2008

New Post, Old Crap...

This is ye olde Songes Coraline page I had to hand color. I only now got around to scanning it..tried the whole monochromatic sepia thing...I'll leave judgement up to you, my esteemed visitors....Do try and enjoy it. ^_^

lunedì 3 marzo 2008

My Mignolesque Self Portrait... I did a quick portrait for a friend of mine attempting Mike Mignola's style, and I had so much fun doing it, that I decided to do a little self portrait in the same style...The background is a bit of an afterthought...Thanks Photoshop! Hope you guys like it.

sabato 26 gennaio 2008

One a Day?!? No Way!!!

That's right folks, Im uploading another image today. Nothing big, just a character study of the beastie-guy featured in the last panel of the previous page. wonky pose I know, he's supposed to be squat-sliding sideways after avoiding an explosion...yeah, I know...anyhow, colors were done with warm grey markers and then slightly re-touched in PS. hope you guys like it..Im out! Mee-ow!

giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

"Behind you!!!"

Here's the previous page, inked and quickly lettered, with the worst dialogue I could have done...just to give an idea of the finished product..I had the most fun drawing the last panel. Particularly searching for the right poses, tho I know they're not perfect, but for having done it without reference...Im pretty happy..Anyhow, to elaborate on the previous post, Im trying to improve my nature drawing, and that's where Cho's work has been the most help..well, hope you like it, if not.....Tough titty, said the kitty, but the milk's still good! (the milk, mind you...not necessarily the page ^_^ )

mercoledì 23 gennaio 2008

Improving My Jungle-Kung-Fu!

This is the test page for a project I hope to submit to some editors in the near future...Drawing guns is both fun and frustrating, particularly in small panels like the second one..Im hoping to fix it before/while inking...anyhow, Im off to ink it, so Ill be posting the next step, hopefully soon.