venerdì 25 luglio 2008

Whatchoo lookin' at G?!?

Here's a concept design painting of a "Herbivoric Dragon". The idea is from the DSG of the CA boards. It took me a bit of time to do this (in photoshop) but it's because I learned something with every "brush" stroke. I hope to get a few of these creatures together and open a new section of my art gallery.
Concept design is more about creativity than skill, but obviously those with high skill get the job done faster, and better :P I hope to improve both on speed and ability, but in the mean time all you get is this pic.
The idea is that this dragon evolved as a herbivorous creature. So I took away it's talons and gave him hooves, also he has no sharp teeth and has a soft set of lips with whcih to strip folliage from shrubbery and trees. His wings no longer help him fly, as everything he needs grows on the ground. his eyes are not set in the front as a predator's are, but rather far apart to keep an open eye on his surroundings. Blah blah blah...anyhow I hope you like it XD