lunedì 22 ottobre 2007

Humpy the lion...

So after a summer that was characterized by Foxes and Fires and Bears..oh my...I have something new to post. Nothing too impressive, I seem to keep doing these little segments of stories, I need to come up with something...uh I dunno...longer?
Humpy the lion is trying to kill the wilderbeast (it seems I have to make that clearer somehow...) ^_^

At any rate, here's my first page after the summer break..cheers!

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KIKI ha detto...

My dear friend, a new table again... great!
Che tedio doverti far vedere che il mio inglese non è buono come vorrei!!!
Che coincidenza...vengo a visitare il tuo blog nel giorno in cui posti qualcosa dopo tanto tempo, come dici tu " I need to come up with something..." oltre al disegno esistono anche amici sinceri e disponibili ....but you already know it!!!