martedì 16 dicembre 2008

The song of Jiao-Long

Yet another piece of concept art. This time it is of the Chinese emperor's pet velociraptor, mistakenly believed to be a dragon, and named Jiao-Long. It was said that the emperor would consult Jiao-Long on matters concerning the state, and the "dragon's" response would come in the form of a bellowing cry. The key to determining it's meaning was closely related to the time of day at which Jiao-Long decided to sing. The hour of the dragon was the most auspicious time, the hour of the Rooster however, forbode bad tidings.
Seen here with one of "The Eight Dragon Masters", personal guards and handlers assigned by the emperor himslef, Jiao-Long wails to the valley below.

The image was done in Photoshop, start to finish. I only did grayscaling due to my other commitments having precedence time wise, but I think it came out nicely. Ill color it one day when I have the time.

Ask not for whom Jiao-Long sings....He sings for you.

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