lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

Goblin Big Boss

I saw this topic over at C.A. and couldn't resist having a go at it. It's supposed to be the big bad-guy from a goblin gun-slinger I came up with this guy: armed with two 16-gauge automatic pistols that are belt-fed from twin 100-round drums mounted on a harness. The harness also has a back part which acts like a pistol magazine, but instead of single bullets it dispences fresh 100-round drums. When the Goblin Big Boss runs out of ammo from the current drums, he pulls them off, reaches back and grabs two more over his shoulders from the loader and clips them to the front of his harness feeding the belts into his guns to continue firing.
Here's the pic..I went analog on this cuz I knew if I started a digital painting it would have taken me a lot longer to do, and Im busy...very busy with other projects...but all work and no play makes Claudio a dull boy......ergo... :D
See y'all later.

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